Winterize Your Motorcycle Before Putting It Away In Mini Storage

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As winter approaches motorcycle enthusiasts will need to prepare for hibernation get the facts. To ensure that your motorcycle will last and perform well for the next riding year, it is crucial that you winterize it correctly. Brilliant Storage understands how crucial it is to keep your motorcycle protected over the winter. In this article, you’ll learn how to properly winterize your motorcycle and then store it securely at our mini storage facilities.

1. Cleanse Protect

Clean your motorcycle completely before storing to ensure that it’s free of any dirt, debris, or salt residues which could cause its parts to corrode. Wash the outside of your motorcycle with mild soap and warm, then properly dry it. Apply a premium protection or wax to form a barrier which will prevent moisture and corrosion.

2. Fluid Maintenance

The oil and filter should be replaced first as the used oil could contain pollutants which can damage the engine. As directed by the manufacturer fill all other liquids such as coolant, brake oil, and fuel stabilizer. Remember to let the stabilized gas circulate through your system for about a minute after you start the engine.

3. Battery Care

Battery tenders can keep batteries charged over the winter. Make sure that the battery terminals remain clean, and then apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to help prevent corrosion.

4. Tire Upkeep

Tires must be inflated up to the recommended pressure of the manufacturer prior to inspection for wear and damage. You can also install a stand for your motorcycle to reduce the stress on tires and avoid flats during storage.

5. Storage

The bike’s frame should be covered by an absorbent cloth to prevent dust. Next, lift the motorcycle by using a wood block or stand. It will help to improve airflow while preventing tire damage. The final step is to choose a facility with climate control. This will maintain a constant level of humidity and temperature. Your bike will be protected from the worst weather conditions.