What To Do When You Store Your Stuff In Mini Storage?

There are a few things to consider before you store your possessions in a small storage unit site link. Self-storage is a system that allows you to store belongings far from your house or apartment. You probably have many other ideas, but here are three that are very important.

Inventories everything before putting it into the mini-storage unit

It is important to take pictures of the items you intend to store in your unit before placing them. This will help you understand what goes into it. It is a good idea to take pictures of the items you intend to store and even make a checklist of them. It may seem silly to take photos of the things you are putting in, but it will help you avoid wondering if you’ve lost the items that you put into the unit.

Consider putting smaller items into clear plastic containers

It depends on what you plan to store in the mini storage. It is not necessary to repackage items that are mainly larger. If you want to put a collection of smaller items into one of the self storage units then it is advisable that you place them in clear containers. Not only is it helpful to keep everything in order, but it also makes it easier to quickly identify what’s inside.

Elevate All Your Things At Least One Hundred Centimeters Above The Floor

Whether or not the storage facility says that its units are flood-proof, it is important to elevate your belongings 100 centimeters above the ground. Although this may not be possible in all cases, it is often allowed by the mini storage company. This helps to make sure that all your items are safe and secure.

These steps will increase your chances of having all of the items you own safely stored inside the mini-storage unit you have chosen. Even though insurance is a great idea, no insurer will pay for a claim unless they have concrete proof that the items you stored in the unit were all there. We recommend that you make an inventory before placing anything in the storage unit.