The Church – Getting Online For The Youth

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Recent research shows that teenagers make up the largest percentage of internet users extra resources. Ninety percent use the internet for entertainment, research and education purposes in America. Teenagers often forget their social skills and prefer to work alone online. This independence can be good, but it is possible for these children to see and download sites that are beyond their boundaries. The risk is very real. The society must do something.

The government has passed laws for protecting children. Parents have secured their personal computers with software that serves as a surveillance tactic. The church, however, has decided to continue this trend and built its own website to offer teens an alternative to their parents’ computers. High-end church websites have been created to ensure that teenagers don’t get redirected to unfavorable websites. The Bible Search feature, which is used on every church website, enhances the visitors’ search skills. This breakthrough has made it easy to access Biblical verses, passages, and chapters.

A church online system can also accommodate the teenage love for blogging. The church blogging feature allows church leaders and parishioners alike to share their thoughts, opinions and feelings on church happenings and projects. Most church web designers also offer online prayer. Visitors can input their prayers online and have them sent to their priests, bishops or ministers. On clicking a button, visitors will be asked if they would like their prayer posted. Finally, both church leaders (and members) can use the volunteer forum section. You can sign up to volunteer for the most recent events. In return, church members will be able follow those who signed up, and they will receive mass email updates and further information.