The brooch and all its uses

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Brooches have returned to fashion. Accessories change with fashion. One accessory has remained constant through the years and is making a return in fashion is the brooch. We tend to think of brooches as something that is reserved only for elderly ladies. Fashion-sense women, young or old, are happy to sport a dog brooch.

Brooches have a primary purpose: fashion and aesthetics. Brooches can only be described as jewelry and are therefore decorative. The brooch is fun and adds a unique touch to an outfit. A traditional brooch would be attached to a shirt or jacket around the neck. Modern styles have the brooch pinted to the lapels of coats. Moderner methods include attaching a brooch to clothing at the waist, or even the hips. This means that the brooch might be pin to either a belt or the waistband on your skirt.

A brooch has many practical uses, not just for its ornamental purpose. No less than the First Lady used a brooch at least once to help keep her cardigan secure. A brooch works well in place of other buttons, clips, and pins. The brooch can hold your sweater/jacket in place and will add an exquisite touch to any outfit.

The brooch can be used to fasten a beautifully-made scarf. You can quickly cover up with a brooch if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt. You can simply use a Brooch to cover the neckline of your top.

You can even save money by buying a brooch if the jacket you already have is loose. Secure the brooch by gathering the garment into a pleat. The brooch makes a great substitute for safety pins and is worth having in your handbag.

Brooches can also be purchased in departmental stores or in fashion boutiques at a reasonable price. You might also find interesting pieces in thrift stores.