The Art of Baking Pastry and Baking with Combi Ovens

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The combi-oven is an essential tool in the world of pastry and baking. The combi oven’s unique combination of convection and steam cooking opens up a whole new world, giving you precise control of baking conditions, and the ability to create exquisite desserts. The combi oven revolutionized baking and pastry, from crusty breads to delicate pastry and cakes, discover more?

Combi ovens are a great tool for pastry and baking production. The combi oven’s ability to seamlessly switch between convection and steam modes allows it to achieve desired results in baking. The steam mode allows bakers to introduce just the right amount of moisture for crisp crusts. Convection ensures uniform heat distribution and uniform baking. Combination mode brings together the advantages of convection and steam to produce bakery delights that have a tender crumb and a golden-brown crust.

The ability of the combi-oven to produce the ideal baking environment is one of its key benefits. With the precise temperature and humidity control, bakers can replicate professional conditions for baking. This leads to consistently impressive results. Steam introduced at the start of baking helps to create a light texture and a lovely rise for breads and pastries. The ability to control humidity during the baking process allows delicate pastries such as puff pastries and croissants to achieve the desired flakiness.

Its versatility goes beyond the traditional techniques of baking. The combi oven opens up an entire world of possibilities to bakers, pastry chefs and other culinary professionals. They can experiment with different flavors, textures and methods. The combi-oven allows culinary professionals to experiment with flavors, textures and techniques.