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Seattle’s top plastic surgeons found on journey of excellence

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Seattle is home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in America. Learn more about the Seattle cosmetic surgery scene. For specific details on our surgical offerings, go here.

Javad Sajan, a doctor who has a reputation for precision and artistry is the first name to mention. Sajan’s reputation precedes him. He is known for his work in rhinoplasty. He offers this.

Imagine walking into her office feeling like a friend, not just another patient. Her magic touch can make anyone feel comfortable.

Take a closer look at Dr. Shahram Salemy, a surgeon of distinction, is not your average doctor. Shahram Salemy is not just any surgeon.

Kristine is an excellent plastic surgeon who practices in Seattle. Kristine offers minimally invasive procedures that require less recovery but produce the same results. Imagine her as a fairy godmother, waving her magic wand to give you a rejuvenated and refreshed look without lengthy recuperation periods.

Dr. Dr.

William Portuese is a facial cosmetic surgeon who stands out from the crowd. He has performed facelifts and eyelid surgery that have been praised by patients around the globe. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as a younger version!

Dr. Wandra mills, who underwent a mastectomy transforms an emotional rollercoaster into a journey of self-love.

It may be difficult to choose from the list of professionals. Each professional has a unique style and is tailored to you.

Let’s tell a story. A friend told me that she felt comfortable in Dr. Sajan’s office after she had lip fillers put in. She said she felt as if she had just eaten lunch with an old friend. The fact that they are able not only to deliver fantastic results but also to care for their clients throughout the entire journey to achieve desired looks is testament to this.

Don’t forget about all the possibilities in our diverse and vibrant city when you are next considering a career change. We can actually find some of best talent without having to go anywhere!