Self Storage Facilities And Security

Self Storage Units Freeburg Pennsylvania: You may think your stuff is not that important, but you are the one who owns it find more. You may have to keep it out of your house for a while and do not want someone else to go through it. When choosing a facility for self storage, you should always ask about the security. Security measures differ greatly depending on what the owner wants and where they are located. The choice of security will be yours.

The majority of self-storage facilities take measures to protect their grounds. A basic fence around the property with cameras could be enough, or maybe you want a facility with video surveillance, a manager or guard on site 24 hours a day. This will depend on the items you plan to store and how secure you want your storage. Insurance will cover most items that are replaceable. Items that are sentimental or of great value might require greater protection. Visit the storage areas before you decide to use them. A business that has holes in its fence, dark spots and poor lighting is obviously not secure. If your business has a dark place with poor lighting and holes in the fence, you are not secure.

You should look for an alarm monitoring system, either by a guard on-site or by a company that has ties to the local police dispatch. Also, motion detectors can be useful. Others have motion sensors that alert security if the unit door is left unlocked for a prolonged period. The visitor access is important. Restricted access systems prevent those who aren’t renters from entering and wandering around the grounds unnecessarily. Renters may also benefit from secured access gates and access codes. In some newer apartments, the card used to access the unit may be swiped. A facility that offers emergency access to the unit in case of fire and smoke is ideal. The grounds should be smoke-free as smoking is known to cause fires. Smoke and fire alarms are required in all facilities.