Scanning the future: How ID scanners will change the game in everything from concert lines to the healthcare industry

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Let’s not make it sound like we were launching in space, or doing something else equally dramatic. Imagine yourself at a music concert. There’s a long line to get into the venue because every ID has to be checked. Our hero is the ID scanner. This little gadget speeds up the line, so you get to see your favorite act faster.

ID scanners do more than just verify your age to buy alcohol or watch R-rated movies. Airports also employ them to keep things safe, and ensure that Mr. ‘I’m Totally Not Suspicious’ is actually who he claims. It’s almost like having superpowers that allow you to see if someone is being truthful about their identity.

Wait, there’s even more! The hospitals are also getting involved. You’ve probably been given someone else prescription. Not fun. ID scanners are a great way to ensure you only get your medicine and not anyone else’s.

We’ll take a break and consider how these devices fit into larger systems. Imagine you have been banned from the casino for playing too much blackjack or causing trouble. You can be flagged by an ID scanner so you don’t get back in to play another round. You’re on Santa Claus’ naughty-list, but it’s for adults.

Let’s do something straight out of the sci-fi movies: combine ID scanners with Blockchain technology. Imagine scanning your ID and creating a digital copy of you in a secure network. It’s cool, but I also want to wrap tinfoil around my head to protect my thoughts.

The privacy issues are the stumbling block. Great power brings great responsibility, don’t you think? These scanners gather a great deal of information about you, which is scary if the wrong person gets hold of it or if someone goes on a data collection spree without first asking nicely.

We can’t ignore the fact that these gadgets are making our lives safer and easier in many ways. But we must also be on guard against Big Brother keeping a close eye on us.

The gadgets are only going to get smarter. They may use AI to identify fake IDs faster than a human or a futuristic biometric that can read your aura.

Let’s not forget, however, that all of this technology comes with a certain amount of responsibility. This is especially true when it comes time to keep our personal information under lock and keys. We must not forget the responsibility that comes along with this new technology, especially when it’s about keeping our personal information under lock and key. It helps build resilience, because detours sometimes are long. It also sparks curiosity. This game can become addictive, and it builds connections.

It’s best to embrace the art and joy of getting lost. Sometimes, those wrong turns can lead us right where we want to be: in the middle of the memories that are just waiting to happen.