Mosquito Misting Systems Offer the Best Treatment

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Houston, Plano Austin Atlanta Dallas is the Texas city that has the most mosquitoes. As we all know, they are the ones that infect people with West Nile Virus. Malaria and other diseases are also spread by them. Each year, millions of Americans die from these deadly viruses. Since prevention is always better than cure, it makes sense to kill the mosquitoes as soon as they appear by A-Niks Mosquito Misting System.

Many people try to find relief from mosquitoes during the season. They will light candles, purchase mosquito-squatters, install bug-zappers or even apply creams that are not prescribed.

The solution to mosquito control is mosquito misting system and pest control. According to experts the use of mosquito misting devices is better than killing and poses less health risk. To eliminate mosquitoes or other insects, modern mosquito misting machines are effective and guarantee to do so.

Pest control systems and mosquito misting are becoming very popular around the perimeter of your home. Pyrethrum is an ingredient that can be used to control pests in the automated systems. Pyrethrum comes from African Daisy flowers. Pyrethum comes from the oil that is extracted by these seeds. The crushed seeds can then be used to produce mosquito coils which are burnt in tropical climates all over the world.

Pyrethrum works not only to kill mosquitos, it can also be used by for pest control systems. This is because it awakens insects that are hidden and brings them into direct contact with the insecticide. This action of “flushing” has proved to be very effective at controlling such pests.

Pyrethrum’s EPA registration dates back more than 30 years. It is the base from which many scientists developed synthetic insecticides. Natural pyrethrum can be applied to your swimming pool or backyard. The mosquito spraying systems must be installed by an experienced and certified pest control professional.