Modular Components

Precast producers can produce modular units that consist of a floor and a front wall check this out. They can also manufacture reversing walls, and if necessary, two sidewalls. The precast manufacturers are able to equip modules on-site and finish them. The modules can be quickly erected.

The units have been used as prison cells for many years, but are now being used in classrooms at schools, hotel rooms, and other applications where small rooms with a high repetition rate are needed.

The modules can also be used to construct prisons and jails. You can build single or multi-level structures up to 12 stories high.

Modules can be cast as monolithic blocks or with multiple cells. Up to four modules can be combined in a single unit. Inmates are often housed in a cell that is separated from the MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) facilities by a horizontal “chase”.

The formwork is typically made of steel and has mechanisms that adjust to allow “stripping” the module.

Modules are equipped with as much MEP as possible at the manufacturing plant. Installation is completed on-site. Exterior walls can be built with insulation or sandwich panels.

Steel Cell for Steel Detention Cells

Steel Cell of North America, Inc., has been credited for revolutionizing the construction of steel cells and detention centers in less than ten years. Steel Cell, a Georgia company, designs and manufactures modular prefabricated prison cells made of durable steel that is resistant to corrosion. Steel Cell’s lightweight products are known to be easy to ship. Units can be tailored to meet local security codes and requirements.

Steel Cell is the one team that can guarantee complete customer satisfaction in addition to cost effective, efficient construction.

Steel Cell has, however, moved beyond manufacturing just cells. The company realized that modularization can be applied to the entire detention center. Steel Cell can order its cells with a mechanical chase in the rear or front, and an option of an integrated shower.

Steel cell manufactures and supplies a medical isolation product, as well a modular shower for communal use. Steel cell designed and produced a detention system for medical isolation and a shared modular shower.