Mix-and-match Furniture for Unique Events

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In order to create a memorable event, the dynamic world of planning events requires both art and scientific knowledge check my site. The most avant-garde event hosts and planners are fond of mixing and matching furniture to create a specific atmosphere. Opus Rentals Party Rentals Los Angeles is a leader in this trend, with their elegant furniture and wide variety of styles for every taste and theme.

The trend of using different furniture styles at event venues is growing, and has transformed standard settings into something unique and exciting. Mix-and-match decor allows you to customize your event and create a unique ambiance. It is also more creative, adaptable, and personalized than matching sets. There are endless combinations, from rustic wooden seating with modern tables to minimalistic decor.

A consistent color palette will help you mix and match. You should choose a palette of colors that will match the furniture styles you are planning to use, and not just one color. Earthy colors work well with classic ornate wooden furniture and black metal accents to create a cohesive yet eclectic look.

This eclectic approach is not complete without texture. The combination of velvet, leather wood and metal can add depth and interest to a venue. The contrast in textures provides a sensory experience for guests and highlights the character of each piece. Opus Rentals Party Rentals Los Angeles lets planners combine smooth, rough and soft materials to create a dramatic, yet balanced, decor.

The scale and proportion of furniture is important when combining styles. Tables with ornate details can make a stunning centerpiece when surrounded by simple chairs. Few small vintage chairs around a sleek minimalist coffee table will create a comfortable talking area. Balance the visual weights of pieces to avoid overwhelming the space or feeling under-furnished.

Finally, thematic or personal elements can bring furniture styles together. Decor accents, floral displays, and artwork that represents the event subject or host personality can bring furniture styles together and create an engaging and cohesive environment. Mixing and combining gives event rooms a personalized touch and allows hosts to tell a tale through decor.