Metal Roofing vs Traditional Roofing in Sydney: What’s Better?

Sydney’s climate is a major factor in the roof repair needs of residents. The city has a unique environment, with intense sun and heavy rains. Hailstorms are also not uncommon. Sydney residents must take into account durability, energy-efficiency, and protection from the elements when selecting a roofing material. The two most popular choices are metal roofs and conventional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles or tile. We will compare traditional and metal roofing in this article to find out which suits Sydney’s climate better, recommended reading.

Metal roofing:

1. Metal roofing has a reputation for being extremely durable. It is resistant to the sun in Sydney and will not fade or degrade. This fabric also resists moisture and prevents water damage.

2. Metal roofing has a much longer life expectancy than other types of roofs. The roofs are designed to last between 40 and 70 years. This reduces the need for replacements.

3. Metal roofing is energy efficient. It reflects heat and sunlight, which helps to cool the interior during hot summers. The energy efficiency of metal roofing can reduce cooling costs, making it a viable choice for Sydney.

4. Metal roofing is low maintenance. Weather and environmental elements are less damaging to metal roofing.

5. Sydney experiences occasional hailstorms. Metal roofs are highly resistant to hail, protecting against damage.

6. It is environmentally-friendly: Since metal roofs are often manufactured from recycled materials, they can be recycled after their life span.

Traditional Roofing

1. Aesthetic appeal: Traditional roofing products like concrete tiles, clay tiles or asphalt shingles offer homeowners a range of color and style options, which allows them to create the desired aesthetic.

2. Initial Cost: Traditional roof materials are more affordable than metal roofing.

3. The natural thermal mass of some traditional roofing materials (such as concrete and clay tiles) can be used to improve insulation and energy efficiency.

4. Resale Value Traditional roofing material has a classic appearance that appeals to many potential home buyers.

5. Repairability: Traditional roofing materials can be repaired more easily and at a lower cost than metal roofs in the case of localized damage.