Make Carpet Durable By Carpet Cleaning

Rugs can be used to add beauty and function to your home while providing a comfortable floor. It is important to have a variety of carpets in the house for it to appear more appealing and be comfortable. There are many different types of carpets, yet the treatments for them all are similar. For carpets that are not cleaned by professionals, here are a few tips on how to maintain them so they last and are always as good as new. Recommended reading?

1. Carpet Placement. Particularly if carpets are frequently sat or walked upon, they can become contaminated with dust and germs. Place carpets away from areas of high activity to prevent them being exposed to excess dust. Do not place the rug near the shoeshelf, for fear of the germs and dust that may be on it spreading to the floor. Simply place it in a bedroom, study or living area.

2. Shoes are not to be worn. Shoes, sandals or boots can carry a large amount of germs and dirt which will harm your carpet. The best thing to do is always ensure your feet are clean whenever you step on the carpet.

3. Install the Doormat. Mats are a great way to keep germs out of the house. Also, make sure to wash the mats frequently so dust and bacteria don’t stay there too long. As dust and germs fly, they can settle on your fur mat.

4. The stain should be cleaned immediately. Don’t rub your carpet when there are stains. If you rub, the stain may spread further and cause damage to the material. Special steam machines are available to help remove stains. Simply direct steam towards the stain. This will make the stain softer and easier to clean. This technique is for only new stains.

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