How to Score a Tesla without Breaking the Bank “How to Get a Tesla without Breaking the Bank

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Let’s dive in to buying a Tesla, without sounding like we’re from a science fiction novel or corporate meeting room click this. Let’s get straight to the point. Teslas are cool. Now that I’ve said it, let me continue. The price tags. Not so much. This is where buying a used Tesla comes into play.

Imagine entering a party with a Tesla remote. You would be the talk of your town! If you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on a new model, a used one may be the better choice. It’s like buying a designer coat almost brand new at a second hand store. The jacket is the same but cheaper.

Some people think that buying a used car means that it has been abused. Teslas are different from other cars in a number of ways. Teslas age (well, almost) like fine wine. The Teslas are electric, so there are fewer parts that can wear out or break. Even if the Tesla has been driven for a few thousand miles, it may still perform better than a new gas-guzzler.

Before diving in, there are a few things you should check. Check the battery first. Check the battery of your smartphone. You wouldn’t buy one that needed to be charged each hour. Verify the warranty status and if software updates have been made. No one wants to drive an outdated vehicle.

Older models often have features removed from newer models. Find a car that has a crazy driving mode for your morning commute.

Do not just take the seller’s word for it that everything will be fine. Do your homework. Do your homework.

Also, mileage? High numbers are not always bad in the world of electric cars. Electric motors are able to withstand much more than engines that have been flooded with gas and oil.

Consider pre-owned certified models from Tesla or dealers who are reputable and know their stuff. They might cost more than what Joe Schmo lists on Craigslist, but you’re buying peace of mind.

Tesla ownership is not just a fantasy or something to put on the “When I Win The Lottery” list. You can drive a Tesla without going broke if you are patient and shop smart.

Life is too short to drive boring cars. Who knows? Who knows?