How a recycling business can help change our future

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Recent climate studies have revealed that these three years of record-breaking heat were among the most hot years in the history of the planet. Learn more?

Global warming and this study have contributed to a heated debate on climate change. World leaders, skeptics and average citizens have united behind efforts to reverse rising temperatures. In order to combat climate change, the focus of many has been on efforts to lower greenhouse gasses, especially carbon dioxide. Recycling and the positive effects it has on planet Earth and our daily lives are key to combating climate change.

The Movement: Reduce, Reuse and Recycling

Recycling is a common way to help save the earth. The rise of this movement during World War II brought the potential to reduce and reuse materials for greater efficiency. The rise and introduction of curbside pickup in the late 20th century facilitated participation by making the process more personalized.

Recycling firms collect recyclables (such as glass and paper) and use drop-off sites to transport them. Material is sorted out and then made into products that meet the specified specifications.

Avoiding Traditional Manufacturing

This alternative method to traditional manufacturing reduces emissions and contributes to the global rise of temperatures and pollution. When you choose to reprocess, it means that you want to reduce the amount of materials used. It is possible to conserve vital natural resource for use in other projects, while reducing the amount of energy necessary for manufacturing. The waste is also treated and disposed of, thereby eliminating the need to dispose. Incineration or the controlled burn of waste adds direct greenhouse emissions, predominantly in carbon dioxide form, to the atmosphere. A landfill is another way to manage waste. It can lead to the contamination of soils and groundwater. Additionally, the decaying matter releases methane and carbon dioxide into air. This increases levels of greenhouse gases.