Healing with Gems and Color

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The life force of the mineral world is the gemstone blog link. They are said to be the source of energy for the entire universe and planets. The gems are thought to act as a channel between Earth, other heavenly body and each other. Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology harness the energies of gemstones to enhance a human’s life.

White light can be divided into seven visible rays – as you can see on the Rainbow – and two invisible rays : infrared (UV), ultraviolet (UV), and infrared. Ayurveda states that the proper balance of these light rays inside the body is vital for both emotional as well as physical health. The lack of these rays is linked to diseases.

Natural gems retain a high amount of these cosmic rays. The radiations cannot be lost, even after a long period of gemstone therapy. But what we call a gem’s colour does not always correspond to its cosmic color. The actual colour of the gem can be seen by using a prism. Rubies actually have an emerald/green color. Blue sapphire has an orange hue while pearl is an orange. By using gems to heal, you can release the concentrated colors into your body.

Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology recommend using gems to amplify cosmic radiations. When prescribed properly, gems have the potential to dramatically impact your mental and physical health. 9 gemstones can transmit visible or invisible light. Ayurvedic literature, which dates back thousands of years, has spoken extensively about the healing abilities of these gems. The following are a few gems that can help improve your health and maintain it.

Ruby (red color) has a strong solar power. It stimulates circulation, warms up and stimulates.
It sends out a lunar force orange in color that cools you down and lubricates. It soothes and calms, helps prevent dryness.
Red Coral, which emits yellow-colored light, is thought to strengthen and heat the muscles and blood. Red coral can also be used for impotence or to increase male sexual drive.
Green Emerald reflects coolness. It can soothe body pains, reduce anxiety and calm nervousness. It heals burns, wounds, as well as other skin issues such as Eczema.
Yellow sapphire is known for transmitting blue light. It also strengthens the body and increases longevity. It’s an excellent “tonic” for the body. Seniors are the ones who have experienced the most dramatic effects.
This color (which transmits) the indigo-coloured diamond energy to the body and mind. It helps to strengthen the lung function.
Blue sapphires, which emit violet colors, cleanse and cool the body. The stone’s calming effects can be used by patients to induce sleep. The person will feel refreshed after only 20 minutes.
Hessonite Garnet, which transmits UV light, is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens both the endocrine and nerve systems.
Transmitting infrared heats your body.

When used in special “gemtherapy” lamp formulas, gems work best. A medical electronic device is used to emit additional vibrations as the light passes through and hits the skin.

Leading resorts use these lamps to relax the skin and increase its elasticity. These treatments are now available in combination with popular spa services such as facials or massages. Balaji Gem Instruments displayed “Navaratna Gem Lamps”, which is a unique tool that can be combined with other spa treatment. The Resort and Medical Spa Expo was very popular with this attraction.

The editor in charge of an influential European magazine of spas declared, “This type of gemtherapy will be the medicine of tomorrow”. Many natural healers are using this therapy. These include Ayurvedic, chiropractor and progressive doctors and surgeons. We believe that his remarks may be very prescient.

Many different medical systems are already using the Ayurvedic method to rejuvenate and heal.

Howard Beckman Hamsavatar is a Vedic Astrologer, Master Planetary Geologist and has been running a business for over 35 years. He has an international reputation for his unique ability to get to the heart of a person’s life, predict future events, and suggest actions. As well, he was a founder member of the Planetary Gemologist Association. A lot of Astrologers are his clients. He’s sometimes called the “Astrologer-s astronomer” due to this.

Some of the special abilities of his advisors are mantras, gems, and other magical objects. His recommendations are meant to strengthen and direct the right energy. He is author of “An Introduction To Vedic Astrology”, Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems”, along with “Vibrational Therapies with Gems”, a first and only accredited course in “Jyotish Gem Treatement”. With Jennifer “Yogamaya”, Beckman and Ayurvedic Gem Therapy, he wrote Ayurvedic Gem Therapy.

Balaji GL108 Navaratna Light was designed by him. This lamp has gems in it and an electronic device to help heal the body at various levels. Howard is Howard. He’s also the New Rishikesh Director in New Mexico (USA) and The Vedic Cultural Fellowship. Howard, in addition to teaching and practicing at the New Rishikesh Ashram, also tours extensively. He shares his knowledge by giving lectures, workshops, seminars, retreats, etc. Yogamaya is presenting a seminar entitled “The three sister science – Jyotish-Ayurveda Yoga” with Howard.