Hardwood Flooring Chicago: The Most Durable Floor

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Hard flooring must be durable. Hard flooring must be durable. What is the most durable type of hard floor? The hardwood flooring chicago solution click this.

Ceramic Tile Flooring
Ceramic tile flooring can be one of the most durable options. Ceramic tile flooring is made with a mixture from natural clay and other materials, which has been fired at high heats. It is tough and dense, resistant to spills, heavy foottraffic, and even pets claws. Ceramic tile flooring is also resistant to staining, moisture, scratches, and stains. This makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

Porcelain Flooring
Porcelain floors are very similar in appearance to ceramic tiles. They are made from a finer, more durable mix of clay that has been fired higher temperatures. This results in a tile which is more dense and durable than ceramic tiles flooring. It is also stronger against stains. Porcelain tiles flooring are a versatile choice that can fit into any design.

Natural Stone Flooring
Natural stone flooring options such as granite, slate and marble are also available. Each stone is different but each one is durable and lasts a lifetime. Natural stone flooring is resistant to moisture and stains. It requires regular care and sealing, to preserve its beauty. However, it can last many years if properly maintained.

Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring, a versatile and affordable option, is growing in popularity. The epoxy flooring is made of a combination hardener/resin and applied to concrete, or other substrates. The result is a seamless surface that resists water, stain, and scratches. Epoxy flooring also comes with a variety of patterns and colors that can be customized to match any space.

Engineered Flooring
Engineered floors are a more durable and affordable alternative to solid hardwood. The top layer, which is real hardwood, is bonded to the plywood/high-density fibreboard core. This flooring is more resistant than solid hardwood flooring to moisture and temperature fluctuations but retains the same look. Engineered wood flooring is a durable choice that can be refinished repeatedly.

It is possible for ceramic tile flooring to be porcelain tile. Hardwood Flooring Chicago is well aware of the importance hard flooring’s durability. We have many options to match your needs. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.