Get to know how to paint and draw

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You may find the answer to be complicated and difficult. The web is full of millions choices when you type in “artschool”. Google search “learn to sketch” on the internet and there are 4,880,000 results (atleast that’s what i found as I wrote this article). It’s likely that there will be many more options by the time your try it – more hints.

Google will show you 854,000 website results if you type in “learn to Paint” and click on “Google”.

The art school can offer classroom-based courses or online. Some courses that do not lead to a degree award “Certificates or Completion.”

Find an art program that will help you learn how to paint and draw. This can be a challenging task.

You can choose from the following options:

To learn how to paint and draw, you can go to an institution like Pratt Institute, which has campuses in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New York City (USA), where I studied and then taught. For many, the two main issues are time and cost. This four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts I earned at Pratt is now more expensive than $100,000.00 USD. Undoubtedly, the article you are reading is being viewed around the globe. Saatchi Gallery offers a comprehensive list of great art institutions around the world on their web site. This article’s resource box includes the Saatchi Gallery Art Colleges website address.

Saatchi Gallery has a list that includes Pratt Institute Brooklyn in New York City (USA), and many art schools around the world. Saatchi Gallery had thousands of art institutions listed in 57 pages when this article appeared.

Option 2 – Take a course in local art, either through a private arts school, local secondary schools, colleges, high schools, etc. As some areas don’t have that choice, it is best to check and get recommendations from teachers and other students before enrolling. This information can be obtained by searching online, asking friends, family and neighbors in your area, as well as teachers at nearby schools. Also, you can get some recommendations from the local art clubs. Some artists conduct private art classes for individuals or groups. I used give group private classes in the basement.

Option 3 – Pick up some pencils or oils and get started drawing. Grandma Moses’ (Anna Mary Robertson), who began painting when she was 81 years old, is a good example. Check out the Wikipedia article. The address is at the foot of this page. Grandma Moses never received any formal art education. While her paintings initially sold from $5.00 up to $10.00, the price has now increased to between $10,000.00 and $60,000.00. Grandma Moses died at 101 in 1961.