Exterior Home Painting Rules to Avoid Disaster

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After hours of laboring in the hot sun and applying multiple coats, a home is transformed. Freshly painted houses are the pride of any homeowner. The feeling of having a home in bright, vibrant colors and a clean appearance is great. However, not every exterior house painting project will be a masterpiece. If you do your research and choose the best painter for the job, it can turn out disastrous. More about the author?

Paint your house with responsibility. It can cost you a lot of money to start again after making an error. It can also lengthen the duration of a project. You can give your home a fresh look by following the rules of the 3C’s. The rules will help you achieve success in your home painting project.

Rules for a Successful Exterior Home Painting Job

Few people believe life is too short for them to adhere to the rules. To get the best results and to ensure that they last, you need to adhere to these three golden rules.

C = Be considerate

You’ve spent all your savings to make it yours. Yes, you can choose to paint your home however you see fit. If you are part of a neighborhood, it is important to keep in mind the beauty of all the houses. Select color combinations that complement the houses in your block. Don’t choose exterior colors which are reflective and can make your house glare. If you want to blend in with the surrounding houses, pick a subtle color. Avoid copying the design of another house in the neighborhood.

C is Climate Parameters

Any color is acceptable. Choose a color that suits your personality. Be sure to consider your climate before making any final decisions. You can use cool colors such as blues and whites in warm regions to prevent the absorption of sunlight. If you live in an area that is colder, you can use a vibrant color like orange or red to help trap the sunlight. In a cold and windy climate, the color will provide a nice pop.

Weather changes can also affect the timing of exterior painting. Humidity makes it harder for paints to stay on for long. Paint your home on a cool, calm day without major fluctuations in temperature.

C – The Colors

It is not necessary to select a single color to paint the exterior of your home. Create a mixture of colors for the siding, masonry or fences. Pick bright colors for your doors and windows. Mix the color of the exterior with the color of the downspouts and siding. Your guests will only be drawn to your beautiful features.

A professional painter is needed to paint your home’s exterior. You can’t expect a professional to fulfill all your wishes without your input. Do not allow the painter to make all decisions. For a successful exterior paint job, you should follow the 3 Cs.