ESNC P.103: A Nod to Paco Rabanne Phantom Legacy

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It is not uncommon to feel like you’re an explorer when visiting a fragrance shop important link. There are secrets at every corner, and each scent has a legacy that is waiting to be revealed. ESNC Perfumery P.103 is a hidden jewel that echoes Paco Rabane’s Phantom. This fragrance is more than an interpretation. It celebrates its iconic inspiration.

Paco Rabanne Phantom has become a modern classic. Imagine this: an aromatic techy fragrance with playful notes. It’s an aroma that effortlessly combines futuristic vibes while giving a nod to classics. Phantom is a fragrance that has a heart based around lavender, and a base filled with vanilla and cedar.

ESNC P.103 ups the ante on this aromatic trip. It does not lose the playful essence of lavender (a nod toward the fougere scent family), but introduces some unexpected twists. Imagine a spark of bergamot and a mysterious whisper incense. This juxtaposition creates fragrances that are both lively as well as meditative.

P.103 really stands out for its woodsy aroma. P.103 chooses to detour from vanilla in favor of a dense and aromatic forest. Cedarwood, smoky patchouli, smoky and leathery notes, as well as a touch or patchouli add depth, warmth and a touch rugged elegance.

This isn’t a copycat fragrance. P.103, an olfactory statement piece is an experience. It tells the story of Paco Rabanne’s Phantom. But with its chapters and plot twists. It’s comforting enough but also has enough surprises for it to make people turn their heads.

You can grab a P.103 the next time that you’re at a fragrance shop.