Double Eyelid Surgery Benefits and What it is?

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In this Asian eyelid procedure, which is also called Asian Double Fold, Double Eyelid or Asian Doublefold, a tear at the upper eyelid will be created. The goal of this surgery is to improve your eyelids, and enhance natural features.

It is possible that a double-fold does not appear on all of your eyelids. It is the fold that can be found along your eyelid’s edge. Both men and woman find it attractive. This allows you to easily apply your makeup and change your look – read here.

Both a double fold and a simple one are common in Asian eyes. Surgeons who are skilled can fold the upper lid to a defined shape by creating a low-fold. This is an extremely precise procedure that requires the creation of the crease as well as the removal of a tiny amount skin on the eyelid platform. Skin and muscles are carefully pulled tight. Except for adding the fold, your upper eyelid will remain the same.

To achieve a more natural appearance, it is important to place the folds correctly. On each eyelid, folds need to be positioned precisely, symmetrically. The eyelids’ natural look should be preserved as much as possible. When a non-specialist carries out the surgery, unexpected outcomes can happen. It is due to the fact that many books recommend that you make your fold too deep. However, other surgeons may lack expertise and experience in Asian double crease surgeries. To achieve a natural look, you need a skilled surgeon with experience and who can customize the procedure to each eye. Select a doctor who is conservative and will not alter the look of your eyes.

You should find an oculoplastic specialist who will help you to create this fold. Two ways can be used to create this fold: first, with the surgery described above. A common technique is to use temporary stitches on the eyelids. These threads will fail over time. Opt for double fold surgery if you want a permanent and refined look. As each person’s Asian features are different, it is crucial that your surgery preserves them. As each person has a unique set of eyes, a successful eye surgery will be tailored for them.