Carpet Cleaning – Your Ultimate Guide

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Everyone knows carpets collect dirt, dust, and microorganisms that can be harmful to your health. There are microscopic creatures living in carpets like bacteria, fungus and dust mites. Not only are there health risks, but a dirty carpet also emits a horrible smell and creates an unpleasant atmosphere. These issues call for carpet cleaning on a daily base – get more info!

Carpet cleaning should take place once every six to twelve months, or once every two years depending on how frequently it is used. Other factors include whether there are pets in the house and if one member of the family has allergies. There are many methods to clean your carpet. However, the best method is the one that will effectively remove dirt and other microorganisms.

Carpet cleaning strategies should be evaluated by examining the fibers and underlay of the carpet. Some carpets can be cleaned with hot extraction. Dry cleaning is recommended if the carpet does not emit dyes after using the above method. You should conduct a chemical test on your carpet to find the best cleaning method.

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