Carpet Cleaning: Dry vs. Wet

You can use your carpet cleaner in a variety of ways. “Dry cleaning” and “wet cleansing” are the two most common methods click reference. Many people want to know the difference between these two methods. The difference is mainly in the amount of water. It’s not only that. Before you begin either method, it is important that you vacuum the carpet. It will make the cleaning easier.

Cleaning We will first examine how to clean with water. The name of the method suggests that wet cleaning involves a large amount of water. The two types most commonly used are steaming and shampooing.

The shampooing technique is a method of literally washing carpets. Cleaning machine sprays foamy shampoo onto carpet fibers. The purpose of the process is to stir up dirt. As the shampoo is stirred, dirt gets stuck in it. Vacuum after the carpet is dry. With the shampoo dried-solution, dirt and stains which were previously adhered to carpet fibers will be removed.

Wet cleaning, or steam cleaning, is also a term used. Steam cleaning involves spraying detergent and hot, water solution onto your carpet. The dirt will then be loosen. Water is then removed from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Dry Method: The carpet is treated with a moist powder that is massaged in using a machine. This powder is mostly detergent, dissolving agent and absorbent. It also contains a little water to moisten the powder. This powder is a powerful cleaner because of its special composition. After spreading the powder over the carpet, you can clean it.

The advantages and disadvantages of each Dry cleaning can be defined as surface cleaning. This method does not clean as deeply as wet cleaning. This method is quicker. The cleaning solution may need to be allowed to dry for 12-24 hours. This method does take a little longer. As previously mentioned, this method is more efficient and thorough. It is often worth the wait.

A typical cleaning procedure Professional cleaners follow a similar process to what is described below. The first thing they do is to survey the area and determine where the dirt or stains are.

Vacuum up all the dirt you can.

The carpet is preconditioned with cleaning solution after vacuuming. The resulting emulsion dissolves suspended dirt and biomaterials.

After that, they will start agitating the areas where there is the most foot traffic. By doing so, the dirt will be loosen.

Rinse with the solution once you have agitated it. The fibres of the carpet are left residue-free. In the case of persistent stains they use special stain removal products. It is possible to leave these areas “to dwell” in order to let the spot-removal products do their work. Removers should be rinsed off after a certain amount of time.

Dupont Teflon Advanced fibre Protectant is usually applied after the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. This optional step is recommended.
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