Breathe Easier: Discovering the connection between carpets, air quality and home comfort

One of the things that you notice when entering a room is the soft carpet. Did you consider the effect that carpets have on your air quality? As indoor pollution is on the rise, our carpets are being scrutinized. It is important to understand the connection between regular carpet cleaning and a cleaner indoor environment. Now, let’s look at the interesting connection between carpets indoor air. Read our testimonials.

Rugs: a Double-Edged Sword

By their very nature carpets act like sponges. The carpets absorb and hold a range of substances, from dust, to pet dander or bacteria, as well as everyday dirt and pollen. Carpets are great at trapping allergens to keep them out of our air. But if they’re not treated, these contaminants can build up and become an issue.

Regular Vacuuming Offers More Than Cleanliness

It’s true that vacuuming makes your carpet look neater, but it has many other benefits. The trapped particles aren’t released back into air which can exacerbate allergies or respiratory conditions. In this case, a HEPA-filter vacuum can be of particular benefit.

Humidity Factor

In areas of high humidity, carpets can be breeding grounds for mildew and mold. Airborne spores can lead to a number of serious health conditions. It is important to maintain a high indoor humidity, and ensure that your carpet stays dry.

Professional Cleaning, the Magic of Professional Cleaning

Although DIY carpet cleaning methods are effective, nothing beats a professional carpet lane-cove cleaning session. They don’t simply clean; they sanitize. This ensures that even the most deeply seated pollutants, mites and bacteria can be effectively eliminated.

Carpets with Low VOC emissions are the best choice

Volatile Organic Compounds emit gases as a result of certain liquids and solids. Carpets can also be a source. If you are looking for a new carpet, consider choosing low VOC products. This will ensure that there are fewer emissions, and therefore, a better quality of air.

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