Astrology as a Medical Tool – Change Your Life!

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Vedic Astrology is a deep-rooted Indian science, which has been applied in every aspect of life since centuries. Another example is the medical field. Recommended reading!

The medical astrology helps one to learn about their current health conditions as well as future concerns.

Medical astrology helps those that are unable to recover after the most severe medical treatment.

Medical astrology can be used to make predictions about when a person is most likely have an accident.

When we consider Indian Astrology, the yogas that an individual practices are just one of many factors which can affect their health. Yogas may be auspicious or not. Health can be compromised by inauspicious planet transits or yogas. Healthy living is essential to avoid health issues.

Nine planets also affect an individual’s health.

If the Sun isn’t strong enough in your Kundali, you may experience headaches or other issues. Moon influences your mood, causing you to be irritable. Mars is also associated with surgeries and accidents. Mercury, which is the planet most important to intelligence, also plays a key role. Your voice, neck and skin may be affected.

Saturn has long been linked with chronic dental problems and other ailments.

Each of these houses has a specific relationship with a particular body part or disorder.

First house represents longevity and health. The second house is associated with the right eye, throat and neck. It also represents overall health. Third house represents the ears, shoulders and arms.

Astrological Remedies for Medicinal Treatment

The focus of many Medicinal Astrology treatments is to please a certain God or Goddess, or strengthen the effect of a planet. The remedy could also be used in order to counteract the effects of transits or yoga.

Mantras and gemstone therapy are alternative remedies for medical astrology. By filling the gemstone with a color that has less power, a gem can be used to heal an aura. It would heal any illness a person may be experiencing.