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Ginger Jars – A timeless decor staple

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The ginger jars, the bulbous vessels decorated in blue and white, have gone beyond their original purpose of being a functional vessel to become an icon of interior design. Originally from China, the containers were designed to hold spices like ginger. Over centuries, the containers have evolved from kitchen essentials to decorative pieces that can be found in homes across the globe.

Ginger jars are easily recognized by their wide body and domed top. Oft, the intricate designs feature Chinese landscapes, floral arrangements or mythical scenes. These motifs do not appear at random. They have cultural meaning and are based on stories from ancient China.

It’s interesting to see how ginger jars are incorporated into various design styles. The jars add elegance and history, whether you’re decorating a modern minimalist space or a boho-chic, eclectic one. They are multi-purpose decor pieces. You can use them as vases, as bookends or even as statement pieces to transform the atmosphere of a space.

Ginger jars are attractive because of their colors. The most popular color scheme is blue and white due to its soothing appearance and the ease with which it blends with any decor. However, these jars are available in many other colors, including greens, reds and multi-colored patterns.

Ginger jars make a great canvas for anyone who loves a DIY project, or wants to add personalised touches to the decor of their home. Paint can be used to cover a plain jar. Or, you could add other decorative elements like jewels or ribbons. Some enthusiasts have even turned these jars to lamps, which provide illumination and style in any part of the home.

The adventure of collecting ginger jars is also a fun one! You can find unique pieces at antique markets and online auctions. Each jar is unique and tells a story with its workmanship and details. The excitement comes from piecing its history together and imagining its hands who shaped the jar centuries ago.

When you incorporate ginger jars in your home, it is not only about adding an item to the decor. It is also about bringing history and art into your home. They remind us that these items travelled across oceans to become popular interior decor elements in Western countries.

Don’t forget to consider the lighter side. Use an oversized gingerjar as a cookie jar. This mix of tradition and whimsy is what makes these elements so wonderful to incorporate into our homes.

When discussing home decor styles that have stood the test of time for decades, ginger jars always come up. Their timeless charm is often praised. The ability of ginger jars to adapt to various style while maintaining their timeless appeal makes them a perennial favourite among interior designers as well as homeowners.

The next time you walk past a ginger-jar in a market or store, take the opportunity to admire its artistic design and consider how it can enhance your home. Perhaps a jar of fresh blooms could be placed on your table for a touch of elegance or perhaps a jar that would look great on your fireplace as a symbol of sophistication from around the world.